Frozen In Time Photography | Meet the Photographer

Hello!  I can't wait to meet you!  Let me tell you a little about myself:

My name is Christine! I was born in Fall River, MA, spent my entire life living in Fall River and Somerset.  I am a friend, a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend and a photographer.   Anyone who knows me knows that I love my family, my cats, my work, and, of course, my camera.
I first discovered my love for photography as a child. I remember constantly taking out my camera, taking random pictures of me and my brothers, my room, and anything I could possibly take a picture of (i.e. toes, hands, bugs, quarters, nails, you get the jist).
I absolutely love being the go-to girl among my family and friends for capturing an event or portrait.  I love photography because pictures have a way of describing the past that words and stories simply cannot do.  I started this business out of the pure love I have for taking pictures.  I truly appreciate the importance of a good photograph, and I have great respect for the business of photography itself.  I want to give you the best memories possible so I read books, and I also have several other professional photographers that I consult with.  I am always learning.
My family has pushed me to follow my dreams which is why I’m where I am today and can say that I’m doing what I enjoy most.  I love "freezing" moments in time. 
Here are some facts about me (in no particular order):
I can spend hours in a Staples store at any given time.  I just love the paper and everything that has to do with an office.  I'm like a kid in a candy store.
I'm still crazy obsessed with the Backstreet Boys and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  If there is a concert within 2 hours from me, I will be there with VIP passes.  And their cruises of course.  I will always be a "teeny bopper" at heart.  Oh and Nick is my favorite<3
The transition between Summer and Fall is my favorite time of the year by far.  I love the sun, the weather, and most of all, the beautiful colors in the trees!
I get way too excited when I find new locations to shoot at
My cats are my kids, I don’t think I am a crazy cat person but I know I love them more than I like most people and I’m OK with that :)
I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning when I get back home from a photo shoot and get to look at all the pictures
Unless it's for Facebook, I hate having my picture taken. A little ironic I know
I love nature and being outside but I can’t stand bees and bugs.  I'm pretty sure there's a phobia out there for bees.  
    If so, I've got it.  BAD.
I love all kinds of TV shows
I love reality shows
I love everything about weddings
I love photography, obviously :)
I love music of ALL kinds
I love House, Law and Order SVU, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, CSI…you get the idea : )
When I find a song I like I listen to it over and over until I'm sick of it
I hate doing dishes, laundry, or any kind of house work ;)
Social Networking sites have sucked me in... bad
I'm an open book and sometimes share too much
I'm a workaholic
I'm a loyal friend
I do for others way more than I do for myself.
That was me in a nutshell! I hope you got to know me a little bit more, and I would love to get to know you as well!  Please take a look through my website, shoot me an email and we can chat!
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Looking forward to meeting and capturing your families’ memories