Frozen In Time Photography | Engagement Session - What do I wear?!?
Engagement Session - What to Wear?!
A lot of people don’t understand the reasoning behind the engagement session. For me, it’s an ice breaker. I like to use the session to get to know more about each other while getting great images. I want you to get comfortable with me and with yourself in front of the camera. My goal is to build a trust with you, so you are so comfortable with me that on your wedding day you forget I’m there. 
You will be walking, running, jumping, kissing, sitting, etc… so please take some time to think if there are any little quirks or cute things you guys do that you can tell us about at the session… it’s not about being uncomfortable, but letting loose, having fun and displaying your love and admiration for each other in a way we can capture for all to see. 
So, what the heck is the point of this post?? Well, quite often I am asked by my clients, “What should we wear for our engagement session?” I always tell clients to be comfortable, and to BE THEMSELVES! But sometimes they still want more help. I am definitely not a stylist so take this with a grain of salt, but I have figured out what looks good and what hasn't looked good.  I suggest three outfits.
Outfit Suggestion #1: Dress Casually. 
This could mean jeans, a nice top, and a pair of heels. Or this could mean a pair of dressy shorts, a nice top and a pair of heels. Or this could mean a little sun dress and a pair of flip flops. Or for the guys it could mean a dark pair of jeans with a button up shirt.  If you want to wear flip flops or Toms, go for it!
Outfit Suggestion #2: Dressy outfit. 
If you were going to a night out on the town, what would you wear? Nothing super formal, but definitely not jeans and a t-shirt for this.  Think Little Black Dress (not necessarily black, the style is what I’m referring to) and a pair of heels.  
Outfit Suggestion #3:  Something that speaks to who you are as a couple.  
This third outfit may not be for everybody so if you just want to do a random third outfit (casual maybe?) then that's good too!   It is just that a lot of times it ends up being our favorite shots. For example… If you and your fiancé are both Celtics fans and you wouldn’t miss a game, then put on a Celtics jersey and bring a basketball to your session! If you love football, bring a football and we can work with that!  If you met each other in college, then bring a college jersey! You get the idea!
The only thing that I suggest you stay away from is busy patterns on your clothing.  Steer clear of large logos.  Stripes work well. And layered solid colors are perfect!  Just try to stay away from crazy busy patterns because we do not want your shirt to be the focus of the pictures. We want the focus to be your gorgeous faces! :)
Here’s some more tips: 
  • How do you want to feel? Cute? Sexy? Romantic? Choose clothes that will evoke the kind of feeling you’re looking for in your engagement photos and also make you feel confident to work the camera!
  • Some couples want to match for their session. That’s entirely up to you, but if you don’t match the colors should at least be complimentary.  
  • 3 color rule - Try to stay away from having both of you wear the same color (black, white, etc).  Instead pick 3 colors that coordinate with the one pattern that you picked.  An accent color always pops when used as an accessory (scarf, hat, etc). 
  • Layers!!!  This helps add variety and change the mood/feel of the images.  You can never go wrong with a jacket or sweater swap.
  • Besides the heels, you should remember to bring another comfortable pair of shoes to walk in on the beach or in the grass (flip-flops or flats work great). We will walking around a lot as we explore locations for the shoot, and it’s helpful to have a change of shoes.
  • DON’T FORGET TO ACCESSORIZE! The shoes, the necklace, the bracelet, and the earrings complete the outfit! Especially the shoes!
  • Do not over tan or start tanning the week of your engagement session—you will look orange in the photos.
  • You should consider clothes that allow you to get down on the ground, jump in the air or give each other piggy back rides.  If they are too tight, you will look uncomfortable. If they are too baggy, they will make you appear bigger.  Skirts should be knee length so I can tastefully pose you in a sitting position. Comfortable fitting button down, short or long sleeve shirts look best for guys. If you have multiple outfits, be sure to let the me know at the beginning of your session. 
  • Plan enough time to get to the session so that you are relaxed and can enjoy yourself.  My goal is that we get to know each other and have fun.
  • Some people have pets.  This can be a great addition but it can also be distracting.  If you have a very active puppy or dog you may consider bringing along a friend to watch them after we get a few key shots with them.
  • Bring supplies for make-up touch-ups — lipstick, blush, etc.  Don’t forget hair spray or a hair accessory, you never know when you’ll need them or when the wind will decide to play games. 
  • Make sure your clothing is wrinkle free. I suggest wearing an alternate outfit for the drive to the location and then doing a quick change on location; this helps prevent wrinkles from the ride.  
  • Guys – unless you’re into rocking a 5 o’clock shadow, try to shave an hour or so before the shoot.