Frozen In Time Photography | Album Information
Design Process
If you have an album included in your wedding collection, or if you’re adding one after the fact – congrats! There is no better way to showcase your wedding, and I absolutely love working with you to create a completely unique photo story of your day. My aim with the wedding album is to create a design that will enable future generations to experience how your wedding day looked and, more importantly, how it felt.  A great album should tell the story of the day through the little moments that happened, and showcase the beautiful details that you put so much time into creating. It can also serve as a record of who the important players are at this point in your life.
As you begin to choose the images for your album, I recommend focusing on the important moments and feelings that your photos evoke. I think a lot of couples go into the process with a checklist of photos that should be included (family formals, cake cutting, first dance, etc.) rather than looking at the bigger picture of how did we feel? Who were we celebrating with? What was the emotion during the ceremony?
1.  You will need to fill out the Album Order Form to choose the type, color, and size of your album
Sizes:  4 x 4, 8 x 8, 10 x 10, and 12 x 12
Types:  Linen, Leather, and Tuscan
Choose Color
2.  You then need to choose the number of spreads for your album. 
The standard base album is 10 spreads/20 pages, however they can go up to as many as 40 spreads/80 pages.  The amount of spreads/pages you choose can all depend on the amount of images you choose, which brings me to the next step.
3.  Choose how the images will be chosen for your Album
You are the one who will decide what photos go into the album. If you would rather I choose the photos, I’m happy to do that – but it is always better for the clients to choose the images themselves because often times the images I love are not necessarily the same images my clients love.   
For the base album, a good number of images to stay around is about 50, however you are more than welcome to choose to add more images and thereafter additional spreads to the album.  It is up to you! 
You can add any and all photos from your gallery to the album, of course.  Details, Formals, Ceremony, or even that silly photo you took with your cousin.  Have fun with it! 
4.  Adding Additional Pages
If you’re having a hard time narrowing down your image choices – or if you just want a more complete story of your wedding day – you will likely want to purchase additional album pages.  When sending me your image choices, please indicate if you’d like me to stick to the number of pages included in the base order (10 spreads/20 pages) or if you would prefer me to create the best possible design for your wedding day and add on additional pages.  You will have the option to choose which of any additional pages you’d like to purchase, and which you’d rather not invest in.
5.  Creating a Collection of Favorite Images
The easiest way to let me know your favorite images is to create a “favorites” collection in your online gallery.  I’ll provide instructions for creating a favorites collection if you need help.  Please ensure that you “send to photographer” once you’ve completed your favorites collection, then shoot me a quick email to let me know to look out for it (occasionally I don’t receive an automated notification email). Doing it this way, I can just go in to find your folder of favorites and download them right to my computer and start the design process!
6.  Approve the initial information
Once the images and form have been submitted to me, I will then formulate a detailed information list with everything that you have chosen with the costs listed to approve prior to the design.  With that, I will also ask for a $100 deposit (where applicable) to begin the design.  Once that is returned to me, I will then design the album.  
7.  Design 
The process for the initial rough draft is 7-14 business days.   You have the ability to view each spread and make comments on it before releasing it back to me to edit. You can also post your album design to Facebook (and who doesn’t like to share things like that on Facebook?).
8.  Revisions
Once complete, I will place the design online for you to view and will email you with a link to view.  You will have one round of major revisions, so if you don’t like a spread layout or a photo choice, you can choose to switch them out.  You are then allowed three additional rounds of minor revisions which would include photo swaps only – preferably vertical for vertical & horizontal for horizontal to maintain the integrity of the design. You can also narrow down the number of spreads to the amount that you ordered or you can choose to purchase a larger album at that time for a set amount per spread.
Please note that after the initial complimentary rounds of changes, additional changes are billed at $25 per round.
9.  Please keep this in mind when making revisions: 
Mixing Moments – We want each spread to tell the story of one moment (or one series of moments).  A ceremony page should be devoted to the ceremony, a bridal prep spread should be exclusively bridal prep pictures, etc.
Cramming Too Many Images in a Page – One of the most important points of emphasis is not cramming too many images on one spread.  It’s tempting to “get the most” out of each spread by putting in dozens of images on each spread, but in the end, this typically leads to limited design options and a strong cluttered feeling.  Imagine a home with too much furniture or a phone with too many buttons.  Sometimes less is more, and this is particularly true with album design.
10.  Sending to Print
Once you approve the design and pay for any album upgrade, we place your order!  From the time your order is placed you will receive your album in 6-8 weeks.