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Your wedding photos are there to be shown off, to enjoy with your family & friends for many years to come. Slideshows are old school, nothing compares to viewing your images in a beautiful, tangible, printed format like this.
I’m pleased to be able to offer the design and print of your very own hard-cover wedding photo albums. Each album is designed by me, customized specifically for you — then printed and hand-crafted by KISS Wedding Books. These things are awesome!
What’s so great about them? They’re simple. The focus is on the photos and the story of your day. In my experience, I’ve found ordering books & albums with heaps of options actually makes things harder and more confusing. The albums limit your options to just the necessities.
Each page is printed on Fuji Crystal Archival paper, which means that each spread is literally a photographic print – and those far outshine the normal press-printed albums we see a lot of these days. And each page is built with a 2mm substrate in between them… which means that they are sturdy. Essentially, they’re built to stand the test of time. That was the selling point for me, quite honestly. Why does everyone talk about running back into the burning house to save the photos? Because those are our memories. Our stories. I didn’t want to go with an album company that built the sort of quality of book that you can print for $10.99 from THAT company that every mom out there uses (not naming names). I wanted something that would last for forever.
Another selling point for me was the lay-flat binding. Unlike your average coffee table book, KISS builds their albums with a micro-fold, which preserves the design of the album as it was meant to be. I could design an entire spread (two pages) to showcase one jaw-dropping photo, and it wouldn’t be interrupted by a gutter down the middle of the book. Bonus!
Once designed,  you have the ability to view each spread and make comments on it before releasing it back to me to edit. You can also post your album design to Facebook if you want to share with your friends/family(and who doesn’t like to share things like that on Facebook?).
For lifestyle and engagement sessions (which can also be used as a guest sign-in book on your wedding day), KISS offers another option! The same square shape, size options, and color choices with a linen cover! These are less expensive to print, and are lighter and thinner than the leather books. The linen cover is silicon-protected and is cleanable.
P.S. All KISS albums are warrantied for life.  And you can’t beat that.
Linen KISS
The Linen KISS sets the standard for good quality linen albums. It is simple, robust and affordable. With a range of 13 sweet colours, you’ll be able to match the style of your wedding. Printed on the same Fuji archival lustre paper as the Leather KISS, these albums are bound by fusing the prints back to back, giving a nice contemporary, clean finish. As with all KISS albums, they open up nice and flat, displaying your photos beautifully.
View more photos of the Linen KISS here
To view a more in-depth video of the Linen books, click here.
Leather KISS
KISS Leather albums are second to none, and are a significant statement when sharing your wedding story with family and friends. Printed on Fuji archival lustre paper, these prints are made to last, and by adding a 2mm hard substrate in between each page, the Leather KISS becomes a solid piece of art. The genuine leather covers come in a range of 17 trendy colours so you can truly craft your custom album to perfection.
View more photos of the Leather KISS here.
To view a more in-depth video of the Leather books, click here.
Tuscan KISS
For couples with the finest taste in photo albums. Crafted in collaboration with KISS and international wedding photographer Mike Larson, the Tuscan KISS draws on classic Italian design. Your photos are printed on Fuji archival deep matte paper for that rich, artistic feel and bound with a 2mm substrate between each page. You’ll also get to choose between 5 distressed leather covers with an optional cameo cover photo. 
View more photos of the Tuscan KISS here.
To view a more in-depth video of the Tuscan books, click here.
Online book proofing
Once your album is designed, I’ll proof it to you online where we tweak it until you’re 100% happy!
Lay flat binding
No more losing parts of your photo from view in the centre of your album. Every page is displayed beautifully flat.
Quality printing
Your album will be printed on premium Fuji Crystal Archival paper or Fuji Deep Matte photo paper for the Tuscan.
Great line of color choices
You can match the mood of your wedding with a range of 30 colours from daring to safe to. See the full range here.
Standing by their craft
These albums are solid. If there’s a manufacturer’s defect, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.
Add-On Options
Available for up to 2 lines.   12 fonts available.
Craftsman Box
Handmade, beautiful wooden boxes.
Presentation Box
Recycled craft material
Cameo Window
On the Tuscan KISS only, you can order a cameo window.
Beautiful soft covers
You have the option to purchase a stylish soft cover to really help keep your album in good shape for years to come.
Getting started
If you’re interested in finding out pricing for these albums, please contact me to receive a price list.